Typical observations on sex

Feminism has become such a dirty word. It’s associated with power hungry females who want to dominate the world and according to a person I met on a night out, “want to keep men in camps and only use them for their sperm”. Obviously, this depiction is infuriating to say the least, after all, as… Continue reading Typical observations on sex

Brexit and the politics of student voting

Brexit had to be one of the, if not the biggest, election I have faced in my life. I turned 18 in 2015 thus I hadn’t taken part in major milestones for Britain, not the general election in 2015, so voting to remain in the EU was the height of my voting experience (so far).… Continue reading Brexit and the politics of student voting

First Political post: Eating Disorders

Eating disorders is such an important subject to me, as a woman I have faced certain stigma about my weight, looks and certainly I have societal expectations. I do not disagree that men share these as well, for example, one of my closest friends (we will call him Tim) faced over eating and depression for… Continue reading First Political post: Eating Disorders